September Update

Start Dates

You should be receiving a letter through the post which has your child’s individual start date and time for September. Please contact us if you don’t have it by the end of the week (Friday 17th July).

The children will be staggered in with 5 new children starting each day. This will give all the staff time to get to know your children and help them settle in gradually. The starting dates have been decided taking into account a number of different factors when talking to previous settings and Miss Parker in our Nursery.

Your child will start either morning or afternoons to begin with. This is help them with the transition to full time school as most of the children have never done 5 days a week and those who have will have had a break over the Summer.

Children will then start having their lunch in school as well before building up to the full day sessions for the full week.

Please make a note of the dates and times for your child as these are specific to your child.

Doorstep Visits

We would usually do Home Visits in September for the children new to Prince Edward. This September we will be visiting all the children starting Reception but will only be able to say hello at the doorstep or gate to your garden. Visits have been arranged based on addresses and where you live so we are not zig zagging around too much. If you are not in we will post any information you need to know.

Summer Opening Hours

Our School Office is open for the rest of this week and on Monday 20th July. It will then be closed again until Tuesday 1st September.

Our Awards

We are very proud of the fact that we have achieved the Charter for Quality. This is awarded by Sheffield City Council for showing that we are providing quality environments, interactions and a quality curriculum for the children in our Foundation Stage.

Charter for Quality

We have been awarded Millie’s Mark which shows we have a high level of training and expertise in Paediatric First Aid across all members of staff in our Foundation Stage.

Millies Mark

We have also been awarded the Healthy Early Years Award to show that we promote healthy lifestyles across the curriculum and experiences we offer our children and families.

HEY Logo


Don’t Worry! Advice from Parents

If can be a worrying time when your child starts full time school. Things are changing for them and for you. It is best to talk to your child about coming to school. Point it out if you drive past and talk about it as being their school. Try and get the uniform early so you can try it on and get your child used to wearing it.

On the first day be excited with them. If you’re anxious, try not to pass this onto your child, smile with them, stay with them 5 minutes or so and then leave. We actually find most children are happy to stay and for parents to leave. Don’t take this as a failure or that they don’t care, its testament to the great job that you’ve done that they’re happy and confident to stay. We promise to call you if they don’t settle or we feel we need you to come back. We’ve never had to do that yet 🙂

Here’s what some parents who have been where you are now had to say:

Don't Worry


Admission Form

In your Parent Pack you will get an Admission Form. EVERYONE needs to fill this out, even if you attended Prince Edward Primary Nursery. These were posted on 1st July so keep a look out for yours.

Please call us if you are coming to school to return your child’s admission form. We will then put a waterproof box out so you can drop it off safely. You will need to buzz at the gate to tell us when you are here.

You will also need to present some proof of your child’s date of birth, such as their birth certificate, passport or red book from the Health Visitor. It may be best to bring this in September. 

If you have any problems completing your Admission Form, please call the school Office on 0114 2281900 and they will do their best to help you.



Lunchtimes and Snack

Many parents can be anxious about lunchtimes. It is often a big change from Nursery, even if your child came to Prince Edward Nursery, as children begin to eat their lunch in the Main Hall then play outside with children from all year groups.


We make sure the children start using the Hall when there are just FS2 children in the Hall and it is quiet. They are able to get used to it with longer to eat and more lunchtime supervisors with them. All members of the FS2 teaching team are also in the Hall at this time for the first few weeks to make sure the children are settled.

When they go outside, the FS2 children all wear a special yellow tabard (the same as they would have in the FS Yard) so the lunchtime supervisors and other children know to look out for them.

We usually find that the children are fine and enjoy this part of the day once they are eased into it in this way.

School Dinners

You will be given a menus in advance so you are able to see what the choices are for each week. Don’t worry if there is one item for a meal that you child doesn’t like, they get to choose if they want it or not eg. If they don’t like ketchup and its says fish fingers, chips and ketchup they can say no ketchup!

Meat in school is not Halal so if your child is only allowed Halal meat please be aware of this when ordering dinners. We have a list of dietary requirements and check this as we do the dinner register but the best way to check your child is getting the right meal is to sign up with them. The menu is always displayed in the classroom so you can check what it is that day. If we feel your child has signed up for the wrong one we will choose a more suitable option with them and let you know.

Children sign up for their chosen dinner each morning in the classroom. They use their name card and place it on the correct colour on the board. Children will then need to write their name on the board so they get the correct dinner. Don’t worry if they can’t write their name, they can copy at first. We do this so the children get daily name practice, especially at the beginning of the year.

Allergies: Taylor Shaw can cater for allergies but they need a signed letter from the doctor. Once they have have this they are able to put together a suitable menu for you child. You will need to provide sandwiches until this is in place so it is best to tell us now if there are any allergies. We can only cater for allergies not food preferences.

We would advise that you start your child on school dinners from day one. When they first start they will only be doing half days in school so if they don’t like it you’ll be feeding them again soon. It can save you nearly £10 a week by choosing school dinners, that’s £390 a year! We find that most children are fine and enjoy the dinners, even children who can be fussy at home try and enjoy a school dinner when they see their friends all having one.

Sometimes there are special menu days, such as The Queen’s Birthday, Chinese New Year and Bonfire Night. Look out for notes.

Sandwiches– if your child brings sandwiches then they must comply with the Healthy Schools Policy so contain healthy foods only. If children bring chocolate bars or sweets they will bring them home. The same is true of fizzy pop and sugary drinks.


We are a Healthy School and hold the Sheffield Healthy Early Years Award.

HEY Logo

Attendance and Punctuality

There is some important information about attendance and punctuality that every parent/carer of a child at Prince Edward needs to know. These are all in usual circumstances and if there are any changes for September due to the current pandemic we will make sure we let you know. 

Times of the School Day

Times of the School Day

Please make sure you tell us if someone other than you is coming for your child. If there is anyone who is not allowed to come for your child and you have court paperwork to enforce this you will need to make an appointment to speak to Miss French. 


There are prizes for the classes with the best attendance and all children with 100% for a term are invited to special discos with Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and an Ice Cream Van for the Summer.



Health Issues

If your child has symptoms of Coronavirus they will need to go home straight away. Ideally your child will be tested and if there is a negative test they may come back as soon as they are well. If they test positive, they will need to self isolate for 7 days. Please let us know if you suspect symptoms in your family, we may need to warn others or close part of school. We will never tell anyone that it is your child/ family, just that there is a known case.

Please let us know if your child has any ongoing health concerns or medical needs. They may need a Care Plan putting in place which means that everyone working with your chid knows the best ways to look after your child and respond if they become unwell. Mrs Wells (SENCO) would write this with you and then share it with everyone who needs to know.

Head Lice

We have very few cases of head lice but please be aware it can be a problem if hair is not  checked and treated as soon as possible. Please let us know if you are treating your child’s hair so we can warn others to be on the lookout. Again, we will never tell others it is your child, just that there is a case of head lice in the class. It is also not a reason to have time off school.


Uniform and Other Clothing

We have a uniform at Prince Edward Primary. The children are expected to wear it everyday.


Uniform 1

Click here to go straight to the Prince Edward Primary Uniform page.

You can also buy other similar items of clothing from most supermarkets and other shops such as ASDA, Tesco and Primark. So long as they follow the school policy this is fine, they just won’t have the school badge. If you want the school badge, you will need to follow the School Trends link.

Write your child’s name in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Your child should not wear jewellery to school unless it is small studs in pierced ears (this is not recommended) or jewellery worn for religious or medical reasons. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused or made worse by the wearing of jewellery.

Outdoor Clothing

Please work with your child at home so they are able to put their coat on and off themselves. They will also need to be able to change into their PE kit independently as although the teaching team can help there will be 29 other children in the room so the help they give has to be limited.

Learning Through Play


These photos show you lots of the ways our children learn. You can find out more by reading the Guide to Foundation Stage in your Parent Pack.

We follow the children interests and ask them what they want to learn about. This keeps them motivated and helps them see themselves as active learners. We record all the learning that we do in Floor Books, such as this theme of the Julia Donaldson book, Zog.

We truly believe that we can’t be your child’s best teachers without your help. We love to work in partnership with parents and involve you as much as we can in your child’s learning. There will be many opportunities as the year goes on for you get involved and share your child’s achievements with us as much as we share them with you.

Parents as Partners

If you would like to start emailing the Reception teachers now with some of the things your child likes to do at home you can use the following email addresses. As your child has not yet been allocated a class yet you can pick either or send it to both, up to you.

Miss Boyd- Onyx Class-

Miss Deighton- Garnet Class-

This Graduation video of the current Reception children will also show you the sorts of things your child will be doing:

To be added when completed later in Summer term. 


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